What is Flim?

Flim is a search engine designed specifically for creative individuals. It allows users to easily find the perfect images to express their ideas and enhance their creative process.

How to use Flim?

To use Flim, simply sign up for an account and start searching for images. Use the search bar to enter keywords related to the type of image you're looking for. You can also use the advanced search features to narrow down your results by factors such as color, time period, and shot type.

Flim's Core Features

Access to a database of over 1,013,429 images from movies, TV series, music videos, documentaries, and ads , AI-powered search engine with similarity analysis for relevant recommendations , Color analysis and color palette generation , Filtering and searching by time period and shot type , Safe search tool to filter explicit content , Ability to save and organize image collections , Collaborative interface for teamwork and sharing collections ,

Flim's Use Cases

Finding the perfect image to express creative ideas

Enhancing the visual impact of moodboards

Researching and exploring different styles and eras

Creating dynamic and impactful visual presentations

Supporting filmmaking and creative projects


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