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MovieLLM: AI synthesized movies

Updated: at 01:36 PM

MovieLLM: an innovative framework leveraging AI-generated movies to revolutionize long video understanding, overcoming data scarcity and bias

Magi:Comics to Text and Generating Scripts

Updated: at 11:29 AM

Magi revolutionizes comic accessibility by automatically transcribing visual content into text-based scripts, enhancing inclusivity and engagement

MaxText:Revolutionizing Large Language Models

Updated: at 08:38 PM

MaxText, a Python/Jax-based LLM for Google Cloud TPUs, offers high performance and scalability. Its simplicity makes it ideal for both research and production. Customize configurations easily for tailored projects.

A Comprehensive Guide to NightCafe AI

Updated: at 08:00 PM

Unlock your creativity with NightCafe AI! Transform text into stunning visuals effortlessly. Join a vibrant community of AI art enthusiasts today!