What is MarketingBlocks?

MarketingBlocks is a human-like all-in-one AI marketing assistant that creates landing pages, promo videos, ads, marketing copy, graphics, emails, voiceovers, blog posts, art & more.

How to use MarketingBlocks?

Using MarketingBlocks is simple and easy. Just enter your business or product name and description, select what you want the AI to create for you, and let the AI generate 100% original marketing assets ready to use in your business.

MarketingBlocks's Core Features

AI Page Builder , AI Video Creator , AI Designer , AI Logo & Cards , AI Writer , AI Content Briefs , AI Image Tools , AI Video Spokesperson , AI Voiceovers , AI Voice Cloning , AI Voice Changer , AI Transcriptions , AI Bot Builder , AI Chatblocks ,

MarketingBlocks's Use Cases

Create landing pages and websites

Create promo videos

Design high converting banners

Generate business logos and cards

Write blog posts and business plans

Create voiceovers and transcriptions

Build chatbots for customer service

And more...


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